The 3 SYNC Advantage

Our Investigators

3SYNC studies are led by seasoned investigators and experienced site staff. Our investigators and multilingual clinical teams are committed to working together with sponsors, CROs, and partners through all phases of clinical research. Our Investigators include primary care doctors, specialists, and nurse practitioners with extensive clinical experience.

Many primary care physicians have joined us to bring new study opportunities to their patients and to further expand their research careers. Our proven history of partnering with local physicians who serve diverse and underserved communities supports our corporate mission.

Investigators new to research have in us a trusted partner who will guide and mentor them in research conduct. Seasoned Investigators find with us an experienced team that can support comprehensive clinical trials.

Staff Experience

We have over 30 supporting site staff members who enable the work of our Investigators. Most of our staff are bilingual and have over 10 years of research experience. Our principal investigators come from diverse backgrounds and bring to 3SYNC extensive careers in clinical research allowing us to conduct trials in a wide range of different indications and therapeutic areas.

Data Quality

Our strategic advantages include our data quality and related recruitment capacity. We provide quality data using customized tools that include our CTMS, SYNC4 data capabilities, and SIFTA™ subject screening software. We also use advanced software solutions for eRegulatory, eSource, and remote data management.


Our recruiting expertise combined with our database containing nearly 4 million patient records sets us apart in terms of recruitment capabilities. Our GCP-certified recruitment specialists are extensively trained and patient-centric in their approach. We maintain an average of 95% subject retention rate. This is largely due to the thorough and thoughtful interactions of our recruiters, schedulers, and site staff.

Centralized Model

Our site network model allows for us to provide centralized points of contact for feasibility and business development, budgets and contracts, as well as regulatory and compliance. Furthermore, 3SYNC is able to negotiate and execute one single budget and contract for all sites participating on a given trial. We can finalize and execute a contract within 1 to 2 weeks and with our centralized model we can offer expedited study start-up timelines.